Slippery Conditions Make It Hard For Kia To Avoid SUV

Failure to recognize distances and interpret velocity will often result in an accident, especially during winter time when the roads can be covered in snow or even ice.

This crash took place in Colorado, and legally speaking, the driver of the SUV should have waited his turn instead of slowly turning left ahead of oncoming traffic. The footage shows how the driver of the dashcam vehicle was forced to apply the brakes and began to slide.

We could argue at that point, there wasn’t much anybody could do in order to avoid the impact. However, had the cammer been traveling at a lower speed to begin with, this crash may not have happened.

As you can see around the 14-second mark, the dashcam Kia Optima sedan’s front end is heavily damaged, as a result of hitting an object that isn’t exactly known for its energy-absorbing properties – evident by that shot at the 30-second mark.


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