Major Facepalm: SUV Driver Causes Multi-Car Accident

What happened here is like a crash course on how to make a bad situation worse. The person driving the purple SUV would have had plenty of room to stop in-between lanes and wait for a gap in traffic, yet chose to try their luck anyway.

The crash took place earlier this week on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and as of right now, we don’t know the extent of any injuries – we’re mostly worried about the driver of the crossover that flipped over by the out-of-control cammer.

On social media, it seems most people are upset with the driver who insisted on making their exit. In fact, some feel as though the driver of the dashcam vehicle should have slowed down, or at least not have accelerated in that situation.

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In the end, it’s defensive driving 101 really. If you’re about to miss your exit or are unsure about getting off a freeway at any certain point, simply wait until the next available exit ramp. Never make any sudden decisions or try reversing.

Of course, in this day and age, it’s very hard to gauge the cause of certain types of accidents without a police report handy. Let’s just say that 10 years ago, people would have still been talking on their phones while behind the wheel. However, they also wouldn’t have been looking down at their phones as much since the devices weren’t as smart (or addictive) yet. So while we can only speculate, using a phone could explain why the driver at fault found themselves in this type of situation to begin with.


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