Italdesign DaVinci Concept Brings Gullwing Doors To Geneva

Italdesign recently teased a stylish new coupe and now we know what to expect when the car is officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Named the DaVinci, the concept is an elegant coupe which features sleek and contemporary styling.  While the front fascia is a bit aggressive, the rest of the car is handsome as it features soft flowing lines and gentle curves.

The dynamic styling continues outback as the concept has muscular haunches and a massive diffuser. One of the most notable features are the gullwing doors which open to reveal a luxurious four-seat interior.

Drivers sit behind a flat-bottomed steering wheel which appears to feature a number of touch-sensitive controls. Behind the wheel is a fairly ordinary looking digital instrument cluster.

One of the more interesting things about the DaVinci concept is its Alcantara upholstery which has buttons, controls and displays mounted behind the fabric. This means users touch Alcantara rather than a plastic button or a chrome switch.

Elsewhere, the DaVinci a small passenger side infotainment system and a tablet-style screen that protrudes from the floating center console. Other notable features include metallic trim and stylish air vents.

While the concept is pretty interesting, it won’t be going into production – at least not right away. According to Autocar, which pulled their story quickly after publishing, the DaVinci is a vehicle that could be used by other automakers. It can reportedly be put into production with very minor changes and it has been designed to accommodate both conventional and electric powertrains.

The more traditional of the two is envisioned to have a 4.0-liter V8 engine and an all-wheel drive system. The electric variant, on the other hand, could have front and rear electric motors which are powered by a battery pack which is mounted underneath the floor.

It remains unclear if any companies are interested in the platform and there’s no word on potential specifications as there are a number of variables in play.

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