Huge Highway Sign Falls And Crushes Hyundai Santa Fe

A woman in Melbourne, Australia has been lucky to escape with only minor injuries after an enormous freeway sign fell onto her Hyundai Santa Fe while she was driving.

Terrifying dashcam footage shared by 9 News Melbourne captured the moment the sign fell from the gantry extending across the freeway.

The video shows that as the Santa Fe approached the gantry, the sign slowly began to topple forward before slamming to the ground just in front of the SUV. The woman then smashed into the backside of the sign before it slammed down onto the Hyundai’s roof with a huge thud, crumpling much of the vehicle.

The sign itself measured 4 meters (13 feet) by 5 meters (16 feet) and was made from steel, hence the devastation it caused. According to Graeme Chambers, delivery director of the Major Roads Project Authority, the government body in charge of major road project, an investigation into the sign collapse is under way.

“This is an extremely rare situation. It somehow failed where the connection is to the overhead gantry,” Chambers told the 3AW radio station.

“We last night mobilized our engineers as soon as we learnt of the incident. Obviously our thoughts are with the woman as she recovers.”

Initial inspections of the gantry and the other signs attached to it have, so far, failed to discover any other issues.

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