Could Genesis Be Working On A High-Performance G70 After All?

Hyundai Motor Group’s head of research and development, Albert Biermann, rule out the possibility of a Genesis G70 N last year. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a performance version is not going to happen; it just might not be launched under Hyundai’s N sub-brand.

Speaking to Road & Track, Hyundai Motor America’s vice president of product planning Mike O’Brien suggested a high-performance model could very well be on the cards. While he didn’t actually say it, he noted that “a big effort with the G70 was thermal management, to make sure that this car will hold up.” O’Brien added that “we’re building for the future. I’ll just say that.”

While that’s not exactly a confirmation of a high-performance G70, it’s a pretty strong hint that the 3-Series rival could get a new variant. What would power the model remains a mystery, but the Genesis offers a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 that develops 420 hp (313 kW / 425 PS) and 407 lb-ft (551 Nm) of torque in the G80 and G90. That’s a significant improvement over the G70’s twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 which is rated at 365 hp (272 kW / 370 PS) and 376 lb-ft (509 Nm) of torque.

O’Brien also seemed to retcon Biermann’s comment that dismissed the possibility of G70 N. As he explained, the company hasn’t decided how to brand potential performance models, so even though it sounds unlikely, there’s a chance a hotter G70 could wear the N moniker.

A lot of questions remain unanswered, but a high-performance G70 is certainly an interesting proposition and it could help to improve the status of the entry-level luxury sedan which was recently named the North American Car of the Year. That being said, the model would likely face an uphill battle trying to sway buyers away from the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63. But as sister company Kia has proved with the Stinger, if you build the right product, then the customers will come.

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