China’s Qiantu K50 electric sports car to debut at 2019 New York auto show

As China’s CH-Auto prepares to begin building electric sports cars in the United States, its Qiantu brand will reveal the first model at the 2019 New York International Auto Show this April.

The company announced Tuesday news of the Qiantu K50’s planned debut and shared a few new details about the production car. The car came to life via a partnership between CH-Auto and California-based Mullen Technologies. The two plan to develop and build electric cars in the U.S. with the Qiantu brand as their spearhead.

Mullen Technologies said in the announcement that the K50 features a modular platform that can make room for many different battery configurations and various technologies. In the future, the flexible architecture may provide the opportunity to upgrade the model with different technologies. The K50’s body-in-white weighs just 515 pounds, according to the company. Further, the body panels are made of 29 carbon-fiber components that weigh a total of 103 pounds. Qiantu and Mullen pointed out the figures are 40 percent lighter than steel construction and 20 percent lighter than aluminum alloy.

The K50 features a dual-motor powertrain that provides all-wheel drive, though power specifications weren’t included in Tuesday’s announcement. The company said drivers will have the ability to select various modes to tweak the driving style, and the car features a double-wishbone independent suspension. 

According to news from the company this past December, the plan is to begin production of the K50 in 2020 with parts sourced from China. Prices will likely start north of $100,000.

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